Prescribing effective exercise with the right dosage.

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Our treatment protocol is fully endorsed by the Ministry of Health.

Move it, it's worth it.

Stay home, stay active.

The current movement restriction has disrupted many exercise-lover and exercise routines. Either way, we have to try our best to stay active and healthy within this time period. Our team at MSNS clinic understands this and we have prepared a 2-Part video tutorial featuring simple exercise movements that you can perform within the comforts of your own home. Click on the link below to watch and follow the video tutorial. In the meantime, stay Home, stay Safe and stay Active!




Exercise of the right dosage will reduce peripheral resistance & uptake of sugar. Our prescription is fully computerized and  accurate.


All our clinics are equipped with state of the art equipments to ensure your well-being. The cardio section features state of the art commercial-grade treadmills and stationary bicycles. We have successfully integrated our formula of heart rate return (HRrtn) from years of research. This automatically calculates the dosage of warm-up, exercise phase and when to stop, all on an individual basis. 

The strength section features machines that are designed in accordance to the length and height of the asian population to prevent muscle ache and joint pain leading to overused injury.

The free weight section is dedicated to movement and dynamic stability exercises mainly to prevent falls for the elderly. Spacious studios are available and reserved for small group exercisers only. Our objective is to ensure program adherence of the highest level and results are highly achievable.




Designed and patented by our founder Prof. Dr. C.P. Lee in 1987, the Dr. Fit exercise system was designed for precision of prescription, documentation and monitoring of our clients.

All our clinics have successfully integrated the Dr. Fit exercise system into the treatment protocol. The Dr. Fit exercise system features three languages namely English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.

Meet The Team.


Prof. Dr. Lee Chee Pheng



  • Honorary Professor of The Academic Union, Oxford, England

  • Ph.D n Sports Science from Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

  • Masters in Health Sciences from Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

  • Bachelors in Sports Science from the Hungarian University of Physical Education, Budapest, Hungary


  • Founder, Exercise Medicine

  • CEO, Asia College of Exercise and Sports Medicine, Setia Alam

  • CEO MSNS Exercise Clinic, Malaysia

  • Member, Oxford Academic Union, Utd. Kingdom

  • External Consultant Exercise Medicine – Unit Kawalan Penyakit, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.


Mrs. Wong, 54 years old

‘Exercise Clinic is very different from the fitness centres. The medical doctor and Exercise Therapists here are academically and professionally trained. Before the program, my weight was 52kg and after one year of training, my weight has reduced to 46kg and maintaining.'


Mrs. Cindy, 53 years old

‘After training, my body fat has decreased and I am healthier and leaner. Exercise really improves my stamina, spirit and well-being. Thank you to my Exercise Therapist for the guidance.’


Mr. Steven, 66 years old

‘I have been on prescribed medication for hypertension for the past 8 years. My doctor advised me to exercise and I started my exercise program at the exercise clinic. Even without medication, my blood pressure is maintained within the normal range with regular exercise of 3 times per week.’

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Mr. Yuvaraja, 45 years old

‘I have seen tremendous improvement on my strength and cardiovascular fitness after following their program for 90 days. I was trained by qualified therapists, If I, a 45 years old guy can do it, I am sure everyone can do it.’

What our clients say.

Azimah bt.mokhtar client Jb.jpg

Azimah Binte Mokhtar, 63 years old

I have diabetes and problem walking with general weaknesses. I have attended my exercise session under Exercise Therapist, Nila. She assess my physical status and my health before prescribing strength training to align my body structure and to improve my general strength. These exercises perform in a rhythmic motion has also control my sugar level.

Ilyana (Setia Alam).jpg

Ilyana, 35 years old

A good variety of equipment. The ETs are very helpful in ensuring that we use proper exercise techniques to avoid injury. With the guidance from the ETs and the program provided, I am able to learn new exercises and how to train effectively according to my goal. 


Norbalqis Badrol, 37 years old

Jurulatih yang bertauliah, peralatan yang canggih serta proses program yang komprehensif membantu saya untuk mengekalkan budaya hidup yang sihat serta membina semangat saya untuk terus menangani masalah kesihatan yang saya alami.

Mah Lai Ling.jpeg

Mah Lai Ling, 53
years old


News & Events.


Program Perantis

An apprenticeship program by Ms New Symphony Exercise Clinic to train and educate students after SPM in the field of Exercise Medicine. Exercise Medicine is the 1st line of treatment for non - communicable diseases, as endorsed by the Ministry of Health.

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Improving Primary Healthcare

MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic has signed a Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) on the 5th of August 2019 with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, on the treatment protocol for non - communicable diseases (NCD). The treatment protocol focus on the application of correct exercise with a right dosage.


ASEAN Health Cluster 1

The three-day Meeting of ASEAN Health Cluster 1 was chaired by Dr. Noraryana Hassan, Country Coordinator of AHC1 from the Ministry of Health- Malaysia and by the Vice-Chair from the Ministry of Health and Sports of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. An open session of the Meeting was held on the second day and MSNS Exercise Clinic participated as the development partner of Asean Health Cluster 1. MSNS Exercise Clinic participated as the development partner of Asean Health Cluster 1 and introduced Exercise Medicine.



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